Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween! Leave a comment to tell me your costume. I am going as a skateboarder.


Angel Wings said...

I'm bed-head Steve! It's when you dress in your pajama's and you carry a pillow or a teddy bear. And of course you have a bed head!

-make a note of it

Angel Wings

Seth said...

I didn't get to dress up. Jeff doesn't feel like keeping track of thirty kids in anonomoyus costumes. XD

Angel Wings said...

I have a question what does XD mean???

ruby said...

me and my friend were... well we don't know... but we wore skinny jeans and put knee socks over them and wore those in style square glasses. her color was pink, mine was lime green. we thought to we were retro geeks but her brother said we actually looked kind of cool